Student/ Individual Services

Education Consultancy Services

We offer expert guidance to students looking for educational opportunities present worldwide and we facilitate them to make the right decision with comfort and delight. We are known as one of the pioneers in providing quality and reliable consultancy services to students present across the globe. We specialize in workshops for teachers & administrators; offers a variety of high quality educational resources and designing customized subject specific training.

Profile Assessment and Evaluation

We offer Profile Assessment & Evaluation service which help students to acquire what they desire. It is a result-based assessment that measures students' ability to make the right decision and to think critically in a digital environment through a range of real-world challenges while providing information needed to make improvements to curriculum.

Self Assessment Programs

We offer programs that help an individual to assess his/her own strengths and weakness. These programs help students to: independently reflect on and critically estimate their own growth and skill development, identify gaps in their understanding and capabilities, detect how to improve their performance, learn autonomously and think rationally. We help them grow into self-motivated leaders and skilled professionals.

Institutional / Corporate Services

Education Management System

We offer complete financial and operations management systems, in single software there’s a whole new world of possibilities that can change traditional approach towards education. EMS is loaded with features that modernize data entry methods, eradicate redundancies, facilitate communications, and gives an instant access to all the important information required to make any corporation run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Course Training Modules

The course training module services are provided to the institutions where they get our customized yet effective training modules having attractive designs. We completely focus that the implementation, development and assessment of a particular module meets the requirements of the students, as well as standardized structure of institutes. In order to accomplish the job related tasks the learners should be well-aware of the content, learning methods and resources they will need. We provide all sorts of important support and guidance so that corporations can get immense benefits of our services.

Audio & Video Digital Lectures

Lecture captures are becoming increasingly popular especially with advent and rapid growth of online education. World has became a global village because of the digital advancement. Our services are for all level of learners and working adults seeking for the online lecture or audio. We have the most upgraded tools such as power point, projector presentations etc no matter what approach one choose, we work closely with our Instructional Video and Audio Services. The digital content we have contains quality, clarity and excellence in terms of approach.

Digital Marketing Solution

Market world is changing rapidly so it becomes important to avail every opportunity one gets. Our solutions offer new possibilities, training, support, and expertise in the field of education; we assist both impact and revenue. Digital Marketing Solutions is an interactive marketing tool, providing solutions that make a genuine difference to our client's online proposals. We focus in website management, online advertising, 'content-centric' search ideas and administration of local and social campaigns.

Customized Programs

We aim to assure that the content we propose for any specific program is designed according to an organization’s strategy, meeting their participants’ jobs and roles, and incorporated with firm strategic aims. We give life to desired outcomes and establish the metrics for estimating the long-term impact of the program.