We provide perfect packaged solutions to academic problems.

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Experience reliable & scalable technological based systems.

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Welcome To Ed Matic Consulting

Ed Matic Consulting has the right experience, reliable resources & perfect flexibility to give students & academic institutions exactly what they desire; we are known for transforming dreams into concrete reality, reading customer’s mind and delivering even better than expected, meeting the deadlines, delivering the solutions to all academic problems at affordable prices, supported by highly experienced and dedicated professionals with excellence in knowledge.

Aim to make all educational institutions as well as students more competitive in this ever-changing marketplace. We offer a complete, robust solution that supplies all the essentials required for well-organized, effective learning process. We have flexible delivery procedures, assessment, tracking, and wide management capabilities. We have it all; you just have to name it.

Why Choose Us

Access to the World's Best Customized Course Content

We provide a complete learning management system and delivery platform that enable institutions to effortlessly integrate their course content according to their requirements.

Creating an Enterprise-wide Vision

We help organizations to grow by providing them extremely powerful, scalable packaged solution that enable them to meet ongoing learning needs.

Developing Leaders, Delivering Results

Our exceptional coursework and support services are designed to enhance student’s learning at all levels and to aid them grow into self-motivated leaders.

Empowering Nations

We combine self-directed learning with powerful interactive/digital methods that enable users to learn with much effective approach, customizing learning experience for maximum results.

Highlights of Our Offering

  • 1

    EMS (Education Management System) – State of the art developed systems and user experience to create an unforgettable experience.

  • 2

    Digital Lectures – Select from range of schools and programs offering professional course content.

  • 3

    Training Program Modules – For students to prepare for forth coming assessment/preparation program.

Our Testimonials

  • James Albert


    Witness a beautiful experience of meaningful learning and turn your dreams into reality. Highly recommended

  • Henry Wilson

    Vice Chancellor

    Honestly speaking I was truly amazed to see the rapid growth of our institute. It was more like a MIRACLE

  • Keysha Lane

    Vice Principal

    They understand our academic needs, and their analytical expertise helped enormously in preparing our overall strategy.